The Chevin Technology SATA-HC IP block simplifies the integration of high capacity SSDs at 1.5/3/6Gbit/s using Xilinx FPGAs.

Combined low-latency and high throughput is achieved by accessing the SSD directly from FPGA logic with no external circuitry.

The lower protocol layers Phy/Link/Transport all-RTL solution provides minimum access time and the shortest path between SSD and application

  • Evaluate on Alpha Data ADM KU3 Board.
  • Data storage and capture systems
  • Flash Store for Big Data Analytics
  • Very large data set Signal processing/ Image processing
  • Fast Hash look-ups
  • Test equipment

Chevin Technology SATA Host Controller

Key Features

  • SATA 3.0 compliant
  • High Throughput read/write @ 500MByte/s
  • High reliability, 32bit CRC, request/resend
  • PHY/Link/Trans layers in RTL
  • Low latency, SATA commands < 1 us
  • Auto negotiation
  • Small Footprint 3042 LUTs (lower layers)
  • Easy to integrate, single clock domain

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Chevin Technology CT1202 - SATA Host Controller 1