XGARP/ICMP – 10Gbit/s ARP & ICMP for FPGAs

The CT1006-XGARP/ICMP block adds RTL-hardened functions for ICMP and ARP to any FPGA application.

The all-RTL block includes part of the ARP protocol which is used to discover nodes on a network and to automatically associate MAC/IP addresses.

The ICMP protocol supports simple messages such echo request and reply. ICMP is used to “ping” the FPGA on a network, e.g. confirming a link to the FPGA is established and the lower layers of the protocol stack are functioning properly.

A lean FPGA application can be built with the two protocols as a minimum to provide discovery of the FPGA node and low level communications.

Using the XGARP/ICMP block not only simplifies integration by avoiding the use of a CPU it also provides a very rapid response time of sub-100ns to both ARP and ping requests.

Key Features

  • ARP reply to Address Resolution Protocol Request
  • ICMP reply to Echo (ping) Request
  • Small logic foot print 873 LUTs
  • Fast reply <100ns to ARP/ICMP requests
  • No configuration setup necessary

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